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PPC Marketing Packages

PPC Small
  • Ad Budgets Between: $1000 and $2999
  • Google Search Network
  • Real Time Reporting Through Dashboard

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PPC Medium
  • Ad Budgets Between $3000 and $4999
  • Select Up to 2 Network:
  • Google Search Network , Facebook, Bing, Google Display Network
  • Real Time Reporting Through Dashboard

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PPC Large
  • Ad Budgets Between $5,000 and $10,000
  • Option to Include:
  • Google Search Network , Facebook, Bing, Google Display Network, Remarketing, Gmail
  • Real Time Reporting Through Dashboard

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PPC Marketing Is The Solution To Get Started Instantly!

We Will Cater The Best Ads And Keywords For You To Start. Pay Less! Gain More!

  • What Is It?      It is ads shown above SERP results. It works on auction and if you are not familiar with it or not experienced enough then you will end up paying too much money. We as an expert will design ads to get you maximum ROI. Our results speaks.
  • Importance?       You will have options to choose the platform. But paid ads can give you faster results, genuine leads, quantifiable results, builds brand reputation and many more…
paid search advertising

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Benefits of Paid Search Marketing

paid search marketing

Every digital marketer knows that for capturing their audience their website or blog needs to be on the initial page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) because 70% of the users don’t go past google’s first page.

Our team at PPC Marketing services is always asked what the fastest way to make that happen is.

While SEO is free, its main drawback is that it can take months to show your link on the first page and most of the times, businesses are looking for quick and immediate results. Therefore, the best route is Paid Search Marketing which is also known as pay-per-click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Sponsored listing etc.

Many people don’t know or have a vague idea about it. The team does a wonder with Paid Search Marketing Services in Melbourne and can help you with it, so you know what’s best for your business.

paid search

What exactly is PPC Marketing?

The Internet has updated a lot of things for us, including how we shop. Whenever we need to buy something or even to think of buying something, most of us will search for it on the internet regardless of whether we will buy it online or not.

After entering it in the search box, the search engine responds by showing us the most relevant websites for our query. This page is known as Search Engine Result Page (SERP). While most of the queries are organic, meaning free. Paid options are shown at the top and bottom of your SERP.

The practice of websites paying for their links to appear on the top and bottom of the SERP is known as Paid Search Marketing. These Paid Search ads work on an auction-based model. For every click, the website needs to pay an amount. It can differ from a few cents to several dollars depending upon the keywords and quality score.

While SEO is still a vital part of digital marketing, the time taken by it is too long and generates result quite slowly. To overcome that PPC Marketing is an excellent option for immediate results.

Whether you are attempting to generate traffic through PPC Marketing by yourself or you are hiring an agency, it is quite essential to know how it works.

Apart from your budget, a lot of factors affect your ranking on SERP including your campaign, keyword, quality score etc. So, even if you are paying the most for a keyword, but if your quality score is not up to the mark according to Google, then you may not get the top rank.

The whole process starts with creating an ad campaign on google and then selecting keywords you want to bid on. The cost can vary from keyword to keyword depending upon the popularity. The most popular and common keyword will be quite costly.

Then set the maximum amount you want to spend on this campaign. Then based on your website, your ad, and almost considering every other factor, the respective search engine such as Google, Bing,  any other will determine your quality score which will determine your positioning.

The whole process is a little bit tricky, and even if a single factor is off, then it will bleed money and further results in un-satisfaction. But, we at Paid Search Marketing Services in Melbourne have a team of specialists to design all your advertisements in such a way to maximise your results.

Why is Paid Search Advertising important?

When you have an option for Facebook advertising, SEO, and other platforms, why would you need a PPC Marketing?
Here are a some reasons which can convince you to go for Paid Search Advertising.

what is paid search advertising

Faster Results

Organic practices such as SEO is an integral part of digital marketing, but if you want faster results, then you have to go for Paid Search Marketing. The main advantage of paid advertising is this only.

If the campaign is adequately designed with the right combination of keywords and a decent budget, then the results will also be super fast, and a bonus is that it goes hand in hand with your SEO and this will certainly speed things up a bit in organic practices too.

Genuine Leads

Since these ads are highly targeted, only those users click on it who genuinely wants to buy from you or use your services. This is especially beneficial for small businesses who want to generate traffic faster.

Since it will be targeted to only those users who are genuinely interested in your brand, the traffic coming to your website will be more qualified, and the conversion rate will be higher too.

Quantifiable Results

If we compare it to the traditional methods of marketing, then it is way better than them as compared to those, we can measure the results concerning number. Whether it worked or not, conversion rate, ROI, everything is measurable. This helps in better planning.

You can experiment and learn what is working for you and can improve your strategies. With free real-time data provided by search engines, you can also keep track and learn a lot about your audience like where are they coming from?

What are the most visited pages? Time spent by them on a particular page or whole website? Bounce rate etc. And this analytics is all for free. You can keep a track of every dollar you spent.

Builds Brand Reputation

It helps in brand awareness. Every user won’t click on your ad. But, the more they search for the related keyword, the more they will see your name pop-up and the more they will notice your website and your brand. And, if your ad is on the top, it is because of your high-quality score, the other factors due to which search engine also deemed you to be genuine. This builds trust between the user and you and helps to maintain reputation.

Therefore, if you have a decent investment, then you should go for Paid Search Advertising. Any experienced digital marketer can set up the whole campaign in just an hour, and you can immediately start seeing results. While Paid Search Marketing is a great way to increase your traffic and business, executing it correctly is a little bit on the tough side.

So, don’t hesitate in taking professional help. Here is how Paid Search Advertising Services can help you take your business to the next level and why you should choose us over others.

5 Steps – Carefully Designed Complete Strategy For Your PPC Campaign!

Regular Optimizing, Competitive Analysis And Campaign Analysis Is The Key Of Our Success

  • Professionalism:      After working in industry for long years we keep our self always ready for changes. We design separate strategy for different businesses. Every business is different and it required campaigns according to needs.
what is paid search marketing
  • Transparency:       Thanks to our dashboard and current analytics program. We provide you live updates and latest spent on your campaign.
  • Current Campaign:       Analysis of your current and pass campaigns done prior to starting new campaign. We bring the right visitors on your site.
  • Keyword:       Right keywords are the main key of any PPC campaign. We find the long tail keywords for you.
  • Competitive Analysis:       We find strength and weakness of your competitors. We exploit and gain more advantage over them.
  • Regular Optimization:       We keep our eyes on every campaign and projects. We keep optimizing the ads for maximum ROI.

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ppc search marketing


As a business owner, you know each and everything about your respective industry, and similarly, we as providers of Paid Search Advertising services in Melbourne know every little thing there is to know about it. We are working in this industry for several years, and we are always up-to-date. With Google bringing new algorithms and updating the existing ones in every little while, we know the importance of keeping ourselves updated as it can make or break your campaign. We cater to everyone ranging from struggling start-ups to established organisations, and after spending several years in the industry, we realize that every business is different and only by careful consideration and ample research can create a good campaign and implementation. Having us on board, you can be sure that you will get way more than what you.


With search engine analytics today it is easier to measure success down to the last penny. This helps us a great deal in maintaining transparency with our client. Every dollar spent on your campaign will be shared with you through our regular reports along with the results provided. Apart from it, the strategies we are implementing, the future planning, allocating of your budget etc. everything will be discussed and then only implemented. We believe in 100% transparency to maintain mutual trust and respect.

digital marketing packages
digital marketing paid search

Analysis of your current campaign

If this is not your first time using Paid Search Advertising, then our Paid Search Advertising services in Melbourne ensures that we do a thorough analysis of all your current as well as past campaigns. This is to make a note of all the things that went right or wrong, so those mistakes aren’t repeated and to better utilise those campaigns which gave decent enough ROI.

Keyword Research

Choosing keywords is the key in this whole paid search advertising thing. If your keywords aren’t chosen with enough care and research, then you may as well drown all your money you are investing in this. If your whole campaign is appropriately made, but your keywords are not relevant, then this won’t bring any positive outcome. But our team of specialists make sure to understand your business and your goals before researching for keywords then carefully a combination of long tail keywords as well as short ones, popular, and targeted keywords are made. With time, this is updated and changed to make sure that we always get the highest ROI possible.

search advertising
paid search ads

Competitive Analysis

An in-depth analysis will be done with your competitor’s campaign using competitive analysis tools. The generated information will be consumed to ensure that we are not repeating the same mistakes they did and to make sure that our campaigns are effective. This will speed up the process to eliminate some factors which may waste our time.

Regular Optimization

Once we start working with you, we ensure that we daily manage and update the keywords we are running ads on to make sure that the ROI is not decreased and we are getting as much worth we can get out of it.

Poor performing keywords will be eliminated while the ones are giving us good results will be boosted.

paid search digital marketing

We Ensure Of Your Success In PPC. Your Success! Our Success!

How We Work And Manage Your PPC Campaign – 3 Steps!

Here Are The Services We Provide At Paid Search Advertising Services In Melbourne

  • Making Your Adword Campaign:      Our experts make your drive from scratch. From researching keywords to making different ad groups, and writing fresh content for your ads, so users are immediately attracted to it, and managing budgets, we handle minute details to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you get best ROI.
  • Landing Page:      A lousy landing page can make sure that your leads won’t get converted. Therefore, we structure or restructure your landing page so that users spend as much time on your website as they can leading to high conversion rates.
  • Monitoring & Reporting:      With analytics we regularly monitor the progress of your campaign and accordingly make any adjustments to it. We study about your user base based on these campaign results and thus make future campaigns so that we can create highly targeted campaigns to ensure that genuine audience visits your website. This will also help you understand your audience and their needs better.
what is paid search digital marketing

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We have a simple plan. If your business is doing good because of our efforts, then it will make us look good. Therefore, we only hire the best in our industry to make sure to give you the best results as soon as we can.

If you want your business to show up on google regularly, then along with SEO, taking advantage of Paid Search Advertising is necessary. Everybody is turning to digital marketing, and this is the best time to make full use of every tool and services search engines are providing to gain an edge over your competitors and grow your business.

Very important point to keep in mind, having a good landing pages are more important for conversion when we are talking about PPC Marketing. Please check out website design packages before we start PPC.